date:17-20, Sep. 2013  Place:Osaka,Japan
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We kindly inform that

The 9th IFAC Conference on Control Applications in Marine Systems 2013

was held from 17 to 20 Sep 2013.

The conference was organized by IFAC and Osaka University.

The conference will bring together researchers and practitioners active in the study of new technologies and methodologies aiming at the development and implementation of advanced control systems for surface vessels, floating structures, sub-sea vehicles, and other devices in the marine environment.

  • Navigation, guidance & control of marine vessels
  • Marine traffic systems & intelligent marine transportation systems
  • Dynamic positioning & position mooring systems for ships & platforms
  • Automation of ship’s systems
  • Navigation, guidance and control of unmanned marine vessels (surface and underwater)
  • Fault tolerant control and fault handling for marine vessels
  • Offshore systems modeling and control
  • Maritime safety and security for ports and ships and risk assessment
  • Information systems and methods in marine applications
  • Intelligent marine control systems
  • Ship roll stabilization techniques
  • Thrusters and propulsion systems
  • Modeling,identification, and simulations in marine systems
  • Cooperative navigation and control
  • Distributed/decentralized intelligent control
  • Swarm intelligence, learning and control
  • System identification for marine systems
  • Adaptive and robust control in marine systems
  • Nonlinear and optimal control in marine systems
  • Applications of autonomous and remotely operated (surface and underwater) marine vessels
  • Applications of marine vessels and robotics to environmental monitoring, mapping and surveillance, search and rescuing operations, marine habitat mapping, marine biology and geology, and hydrographic exploration
  • Virtual reality in marine applications
  • Vision, recognition, and reconstruction for underwater applications
1 Feb, 2013 Website Open.
10 May, 2013 Paper submission deadline extended to May 10.
24 May, 2013 Paper submission deadline extended to May 31.
24 May, 2013 Plenary Talk site uploaded.
31 May, 2013 69 papers submitted.
1 June, 2013 Registration site opens.
1 June, 2013 Reviewing process starts.
13 Aug, 2013 Full Program opens.
13 Aug, 2013 Notification of paper acceptance.
3 Sep, 2013 Full Program uploaded.

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